• Aviation Subsidiaries Update Summer 2017

    Our flights school are the flourishing and our revenues continue to increase year after year. We are proud of our aviation operations. We pride ourselves in the hard work and energy it has taken to bring us to what we have today.

    Our flight operations now monopolize Herlong Airport in Jacksonville, Florida. If you want flight training, aircraft rentals or air tours, we are the only provider in West Jacksonville. If one is looking for light sport or drone training or an FAA testing facility, we are the business that can provide these to the public.

    Our goal is to continue to grow this division of our operations and expansion is in the near future. We plan to increase our branding campaign and are forming partnerships on a regular basis. We are teaming up with large and small organizations/business to become even a larger contender in this industry.

    I intend to keep the investment community and shareholders updated as to our successes in this division because it has been our core operation since inception of this company. The efforts being put into this division are immense and our results will show in the end. Keep checking in to discover what the future holds for our aviation operations. We are in the pilot seat and we choose our destination!