Meet the Director

GREEN ENERGY ENTERPRISES, INC., a Colorado corporation
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Anneliese Clark is a mother of 4 and resides in St Johns, Florida. She graduated with Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Communications. She worked in sales and promotions for the food and beverage industry prior to opening and operating her own business in the insurance industry for the last 20 years. She has been listed in the Business Journal’s “Top 25” in both the Independent Insurance Agencies and Women Owned Business categories multiple times. Her first year as a sales manager for Colonial Life, she exceeded first year sales goals by 500%. She is the first woman in Colonial Life history to win the Premier Office of the Year award as well as multiple other sales achievement awards. After 5 President’s Clubs she was awarded the Circle of Honor with the company.

Her youngest child Christina, born normal, began having seizures at 3 months old. After a barrage of tests, she was diagnosed with cryptogenic, generalized epilepsy and put on her first medication.

Anneliese has spent the past 10 years searching for relief for her daughter. Christina has tried 16 different anti-epileptic drugs, Vagal Nerve Stimulator, Ketogenic diet (3 times), GF/CF diet, stem cell transplants in 3 different countries and 3 brain surgeries. Thousands of seizures and hundreds of medicine side effects and surgeries have left her mentally and physically disabled. Christina tried medical grade cannabis oil in January 2014. She had a 90% reduction in seizures and began making huge developmental gains during this trial period. Due to Florida’s restrictive laws as well as the Federal road blocks, appropriate medical grade cannabis options were not readily available to her. Christina’s condition deteriorated without adequate access to the very medicine that made her better and improved her quality of life.

Anneliese has traveled to several states and works with growers, doctors and research scientists to continue providing whole plant oil blends rich in CBD to Christina in an effort to keep the seizures under control.
Anneliese became an avid spokeswoman and advocate for medical cannabis as a treatment option in Florida. She has spent endless hours studying Cannabis as medicine and is active in several focus groups, collaborating with industry people and patients nationwide. She has testified in front of the Florida senate and attended the majority of Department of Health hearings regarding current legislation. She speaks with doctors, parents, patients, law enforcement and business people to educate and bring awareness to this topic. She meets with legislators regarding new legislation in Florida. She is a member of the CannaMoms, Florida Cannabis Core Group a think tank of professionals moving legislative efforts forward as well as a member of Moms United to End the War on Drugs, Americans for Safe Access, and FloridaCann.

She is currently working with business people and investors regarding industry opportunities nationwide. She does consulting work for several startups and serves on the board for National Hemp and Green Energy Enterprises.

She has been featured in the following media: CNBC, First Coast News, Action News Jax, Patients Out of Time Radio,, Bay Area 9. She has spoken at numerous conferences such as the Florida Cannabis Coalition, Americans for Safe Access and most recently spoke at the TedxAM15 conference.